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Push Up Variations. All kinds, with blast straps, feet inclined, whatver. Push Ups can be done anytime, anywhere and there is always ways to make them harder.

Marine Brevet, pubs: Toe stalderfull, Maloney to baiol to toe hecht to high, stalder to blind to Jaeger, toe hadl not close Handstand, Arabian double front dismount with a step.

If you're devoted to your 2007 resolution, you can achieve wonderful things too, and you don't have to devote all your time and focus on that one single goal. Devote just 30-minutes each day for one year and get on with the rest of your life. There will be days you simply can't work on your resolution, life is busy. Our dreams are often overtaken by events, but that is okay, do not beat yourself up. You'll get back on track. That's life. Everyone encounters potholes, detours, and bumps on the way.

Establish your resolution concisely in one sentence. Do not'resolve to exercise more'. Instead,'resolve to work out for 30-minutes each day by biking, walking, gardening, swimming, playing tennis, stretching, doing how to do a handstand for beginners step by step at home, and working out with weights'. You do not have to do all those things everyday, but that settlement is specific and quantifiable. Additionally, it will keep you interested for quite a long time because it is fun, gives you options, and makes you feel great, both mentally and physically. Trust me. That exercise resolution works!

Valeriia Pereyra, beam: Bhs, back pike. Nearly comes off on side aerial. Gets confused on her dismount -- bad takeoff -- and does a full twist to her knees and hands. 10.566.

Isaac Botella, vault: Handspring front double complete with a massive step forward from the 2008 Olympic vault finalist. Second vault: Tsuk 2.5 with another large step forward.

In the meantime, they're taking advantage of what they do have. I saw a very beautiful stuck Tsuk double full from their first vaulter, and World Cup regular Jeffrey Wammes has three great vaults in his arsenal: a 2.5 twisting Yurchenko, a Tsuk 2.5 and a roundoff, half on, front layout double full off.

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