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Astana doing a lot of the work, but the advantage remains at 100 seconds. Utilisation stands at 10%, up from 5% in late October. Institutional asset managers have been buying TIF throughout the year and they have been increasing their exposure even during the price weakness of the last month.

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Operating from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysian Airlines cover many destinations across Europe, Asia, and America. The incident underscores the fact that the game of diplomacy underway in Kosovo is a delicate one. " Or little white maned Bernie Sanders, thrashing their arms. "You could have won all the awards and the championships, but the Hall of Fame is the lasting thing.

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I'm pretty confident that tonight we'll see quite a few tiny Donald Trumps in floppy orange wigs, going house to house and barging, "Trick or Treat! Huuuge candy bars, not kale chips! And give me the good stuff.

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